About Alma Breath

Alma Breath offers private breathwork consultations for adults and children, and small-group breathwork classes for adults.

The practice focuses on better breathing patterns through awareness and relaxation, prioritising gentle breathing exercises and techniques.

Alma Breath operates out of House of Trinity – Wellness Collective in Graceville - Brisbane, Australia.

About Allison

Alma Breath was founded by Allison to share the many benefits of Buteyko breathing exercises with others.

Allison learned the Buteyko Breathing method to improve her asthma. The breathing exercises reduced her asthma symptoms, as well as reducing anxiety.

Allison is a qualified Buteyko Breathing Instructor (Cert BBM from Buteyko Clinic International). To book a breathwork consultation with Allison, click on the link below.

About Buteyko Breathing

The Buteyko Method is a breathing technique designed to improve functional breathing patterns. While breathing is an involuntary activity, it is subject to change by stresses of everyday life, processed foods, excessive sitting and talking, lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

Functional breathing involves breathing in and out through the nose. The breath is light, regular, effortless with the primary movement from the diaphragm.

On the other hand poor breathing is generally upper chest breathing, often through the mouth. The symptoms most commonly reported by people with poor breathing patterns include the inability to take a satisfying breath, disproportionate breathlessness during rest or physical exercise, frequent yawning or sighing, or the feeling of not getting enough air. Irregular breathing is often a feature of poor breathing patterns. However, breathing patterns in these individuals can also be regular from time to time which makes detection difficult.


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