Private Consultations

Private consultations tailor specific breathing exercises to your individual needs and goals.

During an initial appointment we review your breathing history, assess your breathing patterns and discuss a plan to improve your breathing. During this introductory session you will typically learn one or two breathing exercises to begin to retrain your breathing.

In follow up sessions (usually one or two are suggested) we will discuss your progress, review exercises you have practiced, and learn a couple more exercises to add to your breathing toolkit. Further sessions can be booked should you wish to continue to fine-tune your breathing patterns over time.

Our private consultations are currently held Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at located at House of Trinity, 316A Oxley Road, Graceville Qld. Other times and locations or online consultations can be arranged by contacting us directly.

Group Classes

Our 30 minute breathwork classes are designed to help you relax and have a space where you can literally take a moment just to 'breath'. The classes take the form of a guided meditation through breath awareness, relaxation and rejuvenation. Breath rejuvenation involves gentle breathing techniques, based on the Buteyko Method, that encourage healthy breathing patterns.

Breathing classes are scheduled for Midday on Tuesdays and are located at House of Trinity, 316A Oxley Road, Graceville Qld.