6 Ways to Stop Thinking about Breathing

Breathing exercises can be life-changing.  But like anything, you can overdo it.  So when do breathing exercises become more of a burden than a help?

- You are thinking about them ALL THE TIME

- Wondering whether you are breathing ‘right’ makes you stressed

- You are constantly measuring or monitoring your breathing.

If this is you, don’t panic. There are many ways to get back into balance with your breathing exercises and routines. So, what can we do when the breathing crowds our thoughts?

1. Forget about your breathing after your exercises.

Once you have finished doing your exercises try to forget about your breathing and allow your breath to flow naturally.

2. Go for a walk.

You may still be conscious of your breath during physical activity, and you may notice your breathing rate start to increase. But sometime during the walk or often after the walk you will relax and forget about your breath.  Your breath will resume its natural rhythm without any effort.   This works with other forms of activity too – jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing.

3. Do an activity

Do something that you like or that takes your mind away – an activity, a hobby, the dishes, cooking, gardening, cleaning. Before long you won’t be thinking too much about your breath..

4. Get social.

Having a chat on your phone, or visiting a friend/relative, can help you forget about your breathing.

5.  Watch a movie.

Maybe not a horror film though!

6. Have something to eat or drink or smell essential oils.

Eating or drinking can also take your mind off your breath, as can having a smell of your favourite essential oils.

In the end – Just Stay Calm

It helps to know that focusing too much on the breath is something that can happen to anyone. These suggestions can help you to find ways to balance your breathing, and allow your breath to resume its natural flow.

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