Breathing to Treat Anxiety

Breathing to Treat Anxiety
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“Our meta-analytic review indicates that respiratory interventions indeed hold clinical value for the treatment of anxiety, including panic symptoms.” Clinical Psychology Review, January 2021

I discovered the Buteyko Breathing method in my search for asthma treatments. While practicing the suggested breathing exercises, not only did my asthma symptoms reduce but I also felt calmer.  I realised I had been living in a generally anxious state for as long as I could remember.  In the 15 years since that time, I continue to use breathing techniques to address my own asthma and/or anxiety symptoms when they arise.  

A recent study* has analysed evidence from over 40 research trials on the effectiveness of breathing interventions to assist with anxiety.   This research found breathing interventions lead to ‘significantly greater improvements’ in anxiety, compared to no treatment.  It was also found that panic attacks were included in the types of anxiety that could be improved with respiratory interventions.  Breathing exercises were found to improve symptoms as an independent treatment as well as in combination with other treatments.

My clients have seen clear benefits with anxious conditions – both directly and indirectly.  Clients have commented that “Alma Breath's techniques not only grounded me but have also significantly reduced my panic attacks” and "My Daughter got so much out of her sessions with Allison. The techniques helped her through times of allergy and asthma, and eased her anxiety”.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or panic attacks, they may benefit from learning and practicing breathing exercises. I now offer a free 15-minute discovery chat that can be booked here.  In this preliminary consultation we will assess breathing patterns and discuss whether breathing interventions could be of benefit. You are also welcome to contact me anytime for more information.

*Article: Respiratory therapy for the treatment of anxiety: Meta-analytic review and regression by Teresa M. Leyro, Mark Versella, Min-Jeong Yang, Hannah R. Brinkman, Danielle L. Hoyt, Paul Lehrer. Published in Clinical Psychology Review in January 2021.